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Welcome to Sunnydale OSI, an AU Buffyverse

The year is 1998.

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With kind assistance from many of our wonderful players where needed.

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Sunnydale OSI is a progressive Buffy the Vampire Slayer AU game, played primarily over Live Journal.

The setting is an alternate Buffyverse currently in the year 1998, where a government organization called the OSI (Office of Subterranian Information) has control of the Sunnydale area. The OSI is divided into four branches - Command (where all the orders come down from), Servator (like the traditional 'Watcher's Council'), Research (for research and Development), and Initiative (for active capture and takedown of the HST - hostile sub-terrestrial threat). The OSI is currently monitoring the Hellmouth conditions of Sunnydale, and is actively seeking the newly activated Slayer.

Please note that this game is very non-canon. The events that occurred in Buffy will not necessarily occur here. We accept both original and canon characters - both will be treated equally! You may apply for a canon character and choose to keep them fairly canon or take that character in a new direction due to the circumstances of the 'verse - it's a brave new world - a whole new story.

Our Story Began Here...
The year is 1997. OSI-S has managed to track down the Hellmouth to Sunnydale, California, over the past decade, and is presently closely monitoring the situation developing (Hellmouth getting disturbingly wonky). Command has finally agreed to begin work establishing a base for OSI operations (to be built during reconstruction of Stevenson Hall, on USC campus grounds). Field operatives are temporarily being housed in an apartment complex near USC, and are being encouraged to find covers in the area, ideally as USC faculty (or students, for the college-aged) or some other knowledge-based career, though other options are available. Then comes the newest wrinkle.

OSI-S unit Kit Bothwell reported that the current Slayer, India Cohen, had been drained of life by an undead being known as the Wanderer, whom he had narrowly escaped himself. While Initiative units detailed to the region to seek and destroy the problem, Servator units set to work trying to find the new Slayer...

And that's where the community comes in. Any character from any point in the Buffy or Angel series can be played from a point in canon of your choosing or they can be introduced with changes induced by the change in the world. For example, Spike might already be somewhat friendly ... or he might hate the OSI-R with a passion because of a little techno-whatsit that's making his brain itch ... or he might be just strolling into town with Dru on his arm and a penchant for violence brooding. Lots of room for opportunity here, people. The choice is yours! Make a pitch and we'll work with you to incorporate the idea into the game.

And lest we forget, there's also a lot of room for originals. High school kids, college students, members of the OSI, fast-food fry flippers, googly uglies, and anything you can imagine probably has some room to be played in this realm. It's an entirely new world, gang, so have fun with it! Original characters will be treated the same as series characters, because remember... the series never happened in this AU. We are starting from the beginning.

This game started out on Greatest journal - you can read the old community here, and the old ooc here.

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