First date...

Who: Rachel, Terell (and a brief appearance by Cassie)
When: Friday night
Where: Rachel's house

Terell hadn't felt this excited in a while, actually. Since meeting Rachel that fateful night at The Bronze, the striking brunette had found her way into his thoughts more than he felt possible. When they'd talked about a date, and agreed on an evening at her place, getting to know each other better, he felt that a better evening couldn't have been suggested, really. So put put on his favorite cologne, spiffied himself up with a black and gray suit, and bought a small bouquet of flowers. And now he stood there, on the doorstep, and pressed the doorbell, waiting for an answer.

The door opened a few moments later, and standing there was the tiny blonde form of Rachel's semi-adopted daughter, Cassie Allen. Wearing blue shorts and a Rainbow Brite t-shirt, Cassie looked up at him, smirking as she looked at the flowers. "Wow. A suit and flowers too, huh? I'd really appreciate it if you don't try to have The Sex with my mom, ok? It's a first date and all. I don't her reputation being pooped on. Oh, and, cuz really... I sit on that couch and watch TV. I don't want it smelling like one-night-stand. And also? Hurt my mom? And I'll have you killed. I know people who know people." She gave a bright smile. "And on that note, welcome to our home!"

Rachel emerged from the hallway, wearing a classic black dress with her hair done up. It'd been a while since she'd had an occasion to dress up, and she put some effort into it. When she saw Cassie giving Terell the third degree, she smiled. "I see you've already made it past the door guard - welcome."

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Who: Becky OT Anyone
Where: Sid's
When: Thursday Afternoon

College? SAT?

Becky didn't really want to think about that, but her Papa and Ethan were bugging her constantly about plans for her future. Ever since her birthday, they asked what her plans were for the future. She wanted to just live with Ethan forever, and shoot things every once in a while.

She was very good at dodging when people wanted her to do stuff- until today. When she got home from school, her Papa told her that she would be taking the SAT, and that she needed to start training again. Becky wanted nothing to do with that- besides, she was cured, so she didn't need to fight stuff. Sunnydale had plenty of people for that.

Right now, she was in Sid's, taking a career aptitude test. When she finished, she would start on the practice SAT exams. She just wanted to slack, and eat junk food, and spend time with her boyfriend.
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Roll the cameras!

Who: Valentine, other movie actors, anyone else who would be there
Where: Channel 13 studios
When: Monday night

Valentine walked into the studio, a bit apprehensive about the first day of shooting. He knew all his lines and he was ready to go - but there was still the small matter of having never been in a full length movie before that was worrying him. For all that he'd had a thriving career in commercials and daytime television, this was his first movie shooting and he didn't know quite what to expect.

He was glad that his agent and personal-assistant-slash-boyfriend had come with him for moral support, and he could already see some of his friends and fellow actors mulling about the lot.

"Anyone else nervous?" he asked, helping himself to a cup of coffee and a donut from the table they'd set up for folks to enjoy before work began.

Come for the steak, stay for the stakeouts

Who: Tony OT Initiative team members
Where: The Stake House
When: Sunday evening

Tony had made a point of hosting the Initiative team meeting at the Stake House out of cynicism -- people were more likely to show up and pay attention if they could call it a business expense and get a free dinner out of it. He had arrived early and staked out (no pun intended) the side room for their little meeting -- it was a OSI-cleared-secure location, and besides, most of the OSI conference rooms had uncomfortable chairs and markerboards that seldom proved useful. This was much better. He nodded to each member in turn as they arrived and filtered into seats, and when the last had arrived, he spoke.

"Alright, everyone -- glad you could all join me for dinner. Just so we're clear, this is a business dinner, as we'll be discussing some major points we need to be focused on within our jurisdiction, so don't eat so much that you forget to pay attention. Knowledge is survival, after all. Now, then. Let's go around the table -- we have a few new faces here in both the reserves and active-duty teams, so if everyone at the table could introduce yourselves to the others, I'm sure we'd all appreciate it."

When you play with the wrong crowd...

Who: Eddie, OT anyone appropriate
Where: OSI-R's morgue
When: Sunday evening

Most people were skittish in morgues. The faint smell of death and antiseptic, the too-sterile atmosphere, and the flickering of flourescent lights that touched a subtle trigger in the subconscious... Eddie wasn't particularly fond of them himself, but it was here that much of the biological materials examined by the Research department - corpses, that is - were brought for examination. On the table between him and Dr. Manheim was the body of a young man.

"... and while there are no classic symptoms of vampiric injury -- no direct fangmarks -- there are noticeable incisions in the body at various points made with a small sharp instrument, as well as contusions that would suggest the action of a vampire feeding on an already opened wound. Cause of death was likely blood loss," Dr. Manheim said, gesturing at the wounds.

"Most of the injuries are appearing quite small, though," Eddie observed. "That is somewhat the peculiar -- most vampire victims seem to have much more... aggressively injured?"

"Quite right," Dr. Manheim answered. "Toxicology reports indicate he was drugged out of his mind at the time on a cocktail of alcohol and sedatives. Probably didn't even know what was happening to him. Whoever did this wanted to take their time."

"Ah, most the unpleasant. And this body was discovered..." Eddie began.

"By Alpha Patrol, out near the Espresso Pump, UCSD campus. From the look of the body, it had been re-dressed and moved -- likely the attack, if you can call it that, took place in a more private location. Given the time required to kill the subject, it almost had to." Dr. Manheim chuckled, just a little. "At least his last moments were probably pleasant."

Eddie shook his head. "Yes, well, kinky sexy games the nonwithstanding, he is just as dead as if he had not been having a good time. You will be letting me know if you find anything else the peculiar, yes?"

"Of course," Dr. Manheim said. "We've been seeing an upswing in male victims lately... perhaps the 'nubile young thing' market is starting to run low."

"Or perhaps the most prolific killers are not interested in the discarding of nubile young things," Eddie countered, and started heading outwards. He really needed a coffee right about now.

Voices in my head

Who: Michael, OT anyone
Where: Sunnydale High School
When: Monday, lunch

Honestly, Michael didn't feel any different. His eighteenth birthday was fast approaching, and everything from conventional wisdom to television sitcoms to those creepy predictions regarding his parentage suggested that there should be something -- some big and possibly horrifying change on the horizon. But when it came down to it, Michael still felt as cynical and anti-social as ever.

You're still wondering where she is, aren't you?, his inner voice muttered. He was, actually. He wasn't entirely sure where she was... his mother, that is. Aside from a likely state, but how likely was he to find her in it, especially given that she didn't want to be found, and neither he nor Kit had really had any luck in looking for more specifics. And whether she'll remember your birthday. ... Okay, that last part hadn't occurred to him until now.

"Happy birthday to me," he mumbled as he settled down at a lunch table with a pre-packed lunch from Ming and a mind full of thoughts on the future.

Cara (wry? way.)

Who: Abbie OT Cara, anyone else that might be in the area
Where: UCSD Campus, on the green outside the library
When: Friday afternoon

Abbie planted himself conspicuously near the library. He was feeling a little buried by homework, but that couldn't help but make him look sufficiently frazzled. Soon enough, he was busily jotting down notes about Roman history and keeping an eye out for Cara.

At least they sent a cute one, he mused. His innate suspicion about the world usually served him well, but he found himself wondering if maybe she really wasn't exactly what she appeared to be.
Sun-tzu had it right, he reflected.
on the couch

The other shoe?

Who: Malone and Wolf
Where: their house
When: Tuesday afternoon

Being a music teacher had certain advantages, like how he was just enough of a teacher to collect a sallary but not enough of a teacher to count for the 'teacher in service day'. Therefore, while all the other teachers were stuck in a day of boring meetings, Malone was at home lounging on the couch.

His other job with the OSI was such that he could research at his own pace, which meant that he usually went into the office long enough to collect the books he needed for whatever subject he was currently assigned to, then bugger off for home again. And Wolf's work was all situation based - so he had a lot of free time too, including today.

"Things are pretty good," Malone said, looking around at their little house, and at the man beside him.

He meant that. They'd had a lot of other assignments in a lot of other towns, but he hoped this one lasted a good long while. Not only was he comfortable in this strange troubled town, but his brother lived just a few streets away. Everything he needed, everyone he loved, was close for once. Things were good indeed. Which meant, statistically, that the other shoe would drop soon enough.

Malone frowned. "...which could be a bad thing."

(no subject)

Who: Anna OT Anyone
Where: SDH Cafeteria
When: Wednesday Lunchtime

Cordelia was getting on Anna's last nerve. Her, and the group of friends that followed her around were going and on about the prom, or something and she didn't care. She didn't care about any of this school stuff right now- not skip day or prom or yearbook...

Then she realized that she did care, maybe a little. She got up from the table, and moved somewhere else where she could sit with her real friends. Maybe they could talk about Micheal's upcoming birthday.

Eating Out

Who: Delilah and Open
When: Monday Evening
Where: The Golden Lotus

After her couple of classes and doing some work for a film idea she had at home, Delilah had realized that it was almost seven o'clock. Of course, she realized this because her stomach was rumbling and she needed to eat something. She did that fairly often: get so involved in something and not realize that she needed to eat until she was starving. It was a wonder that she hasn't done anything silly like passed out before from hunger while working on something.

Her favorite food was Chinese, so she picked one of the two places in town that catered to her tastes. The food was pretty good, so far, so she was trying to sample everything. This was her nice way of saying that she was trying to fill up so that she wouldn't have to eat again for a while. She brought her usual utensils with her as well. No need to set off sparks in public.