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Guess who's coming to dinner!

Who: Dot/Satsu
Where: Casa De Champa
When: Monday Night

Satsu was pacing back and forth. For once? She was nervous as hell. Dot was taking her to meet her family today, and the thought of possibly being judged not good enough terrified her. Dressed in a stunning blue gown (which said volumes for how badly she wanted to impress the Champas) and with her hair done up like some kind of princess, Satsu stood at the doorstep of Dot's house, finally getting up the courage to knock.

Dot near jumped out of her skin. Even though she'd been preparing for this all day, the knock, when it came, was still startling. Sadly, at the time, she was finishing some of the dinner foods, and couldn't get the door. "Could somebody get that, please? I'm up to my elbows in turkey!" When nobody answered, she hastily cleaned off her hands and ran to the door herself. "Hi!"

Satsu, for all her current glamour, looked hilariously like a deer in headlights, her eyes wide and terrified. "...they're going to hate me."

"They are not! Come on in, before the dog gets out!" Trying not to laugh, Dot tugged on Satsu's hands, pulling her into the house and closing the door behind them both. "Just wait one minute, okay? I'll let them know you're here!" She leaned into the living room and yelled, "Parents! Satsu's here!"

Satsu walked in like someone on their way to the gas chamber. She honestly didn't feel this scared going out to hunt for vampires. She felt a light blush creep onto her cheeks.

Dot frowned. "Oh, it's not going to be that bad, I promise. They're nice! I've told them all good things. They were worried about you while you were recovering in hospital. It's just the kind of people they are." Tugging gently on Satsu's hands, Dot led the way through the living room into the kitchen. "The dining room's just through there." She indicated the arched entryway on the other side of the kitchen. "G'wan, get in there!" She gently pushed Satsu thataway, but not before kissing her lightly on the nose.

Having gained a measure of gumption from the little kiss, Satsu forced herself to stride confidantly into the dining room, offering a polite wave and smile to all in the room.

Dot smiled. "Mom, Dad, this is Satsu. Satsu, this is my mom and dad!" She pointed at each of them, and beamed.

Satsu briefly transitioned back to traditional Japanese manners, bowing with a smile to each of them. "Mr. and Mrs. Champa... thank you for welcoming me into your home."

Dot's father smiled. "Oh, the pleasure is all ours. I was just telling Mother that it's so nice that Dorothy's making such good friends since we've been here."

Satsu held back a smirk at 'Dorothy'... she'd have to use that one at a future time. "Well... she's a very special girl. I think the world of her."

Dot mother stood up from her place at the table, and came around to stand in front of Satsu. She held out her arms. "Come here, dear. We've heard so much about you, and it broke my heart to hear about your ..attack. Especially so soon after arriving here yourself!"

Satsu just smiled again, unsure of just how much they knew about the 'attack'. She graciously hugged Dot's mother, already adoring the family, but unsure if they were aware of the extent of her relationship with their daughter.

Dot fidgeted. "Um, I'll go get food!" She darted back into the kitchen.

Satsu fired a 'dont you dare!' look at Dot, but it was too late. She was now... alone with the fam.

Dot's mother still hadn't released the hug. "I hope we're not embarassing you. We love our daughter very much, and, well..we've never seen her as happy as she is when she talks about you."

"No embarrassment at all, ma'am." Satsu grinned ear-to-ear and blushed at the comment about Dot. "And Dorothy is probably the most amazing person I've ever met."

Dot's father, who'd been quiet since the initial greeting, cleared his throat. "It's not what we expected, but long as she's happy. And we figured that anyone important enough to make her fret so was good enough for us."

Oh thank GOD, they knew. Satsu gave an obviously relieved exhalation, and giggled. "It's great that you're so open though. My parents were equally amazing. And trust me... I'll do everything I can to make her happy. I'm seriously in love with her."

Dot's mother smiled, too. "That is the best thing any mother could hear. Thank you, dear. Speaking of children, why don't I go see what's taking her so long in there.." She did finally disengage from the hug and ducked into the kitchen, too.

Satsu looked at Dot's father, smiling nervously. "So... um... your home is very lovely..."

Dot's father grinned. "Call me Dad, please. Our home is your home." He leaned close. "It's actually Mother that does all the work on the inside. I just get sent out to rake the leaves and mow the grass and to keep the hell away from the flowerbeds."

"Dad." Wow... she paused to think, and couldn't conceive of anytime she'd ever felt more welcome anywhere except her own home. "You guys are so nice it's almost scary. Like... I keep waiting for you to decide I'm not worthy."

Dot's father smiled again. "Well, we can call you a godless wanton woman every now and again if it will make you feel better. You'll just have to remind me, I have a terrible memory sometimes."

Annnnd that made the girl giggle, to where she covered her mouth to avoid giving a snort. "Ok. You officially rule."

Dot, meanwhile, really was busy in the kitchen, making sure everything was okay to serve. She was just sneaking a bite of Jello when her mom came in. With a guilty look, she set the spoon down as casually as she could. "The dog did it first!" The dog chose that moment to roll over in her sleep. To avoid her mother's semi-serious glares, Dot stuck her head back in to the dining room. "How's everything in here?"

"Ohhhh Dorothy..." Satsu said in a way that was loving yet slightly mocking, "Your parents are freaking awesome."

Dot blushed. "Didn't I ask you ever so nicely not to call me that? It's bad enough that Juice and Kyle will never let me live it down. I'll be right there, okay?" She scurried back into the dining room shortly afterwards, with a big plate of turkey.

Giggling, Satsu blew Dot a kiss. "Awww... you know I love ya..."

"I know, I know. You also know that I'd never do anything to harm the turkey, so you're safe while my hands are full." She smiled, then looked at her dad. "You haven't been telling embarassing stories, have you?" Her father grinned. "Maybe so, but I'm safe while your hands are full, too!" He held up his hands a moment later, as if that could keep Dot from staring daggers.

"Fear not, sweetie. Your father hasn't said anything I can use against you." Satsu winked at Dot's father, then added, "Yet."

Dot shook her head. "Oh, with family like this..." She set the turkey down, then headed back into the kitchen.

"Oh, you love it!" Satsu called after her with a chuckle. She turned back to Mr. Champa and snickered. "Hell of a girl you guys made. Seriously. Good... good job."

Mr. Champa laughed. "She takes after her mother."

"Heh. Well, I guess we're both lucky people then." Satsu gave a sweet little sigh, grinning again. "I'm so blessed to have her in my life."

Mr. Champa smiled. "That's sweet of you to say. We're lucky to have her, she's lucky to have you, we're happy that you both are happy. It means that we've done a good job, as parents. What's better than that?"

All of us managing to survive in this town? She wanted to say, but wisely just nodded in agreement. "I don't know if Dot told you yet, but if you and your wife are both alright with it, I want to take her to Japan with me this summer to meet my parents."

"Oh, now that you mention it, she did mention something about Japan. I couldn't understand her too well -- Our little Dot tends to talk really fast when she's excited." Mr Champa grinned, then raised his voice a little. "Mother? What did Dorothy say about Japan the other day?" Dot's mother, making her way back into the dining room, said, "You don't have to shout, dear. She asked if she could go to Japan over the summer, to visit Satsu's parents."

"So... are the two of you alright with it? I promise to take very good care of her..." Satsu may have her wild side... but respect for one's parents is very important to her.

"She's certainly more adventurous than we ever were at her age. Isn't that right, Mother?" Mr. Champa smiled and shook his head. "As long as you don't have a problem having dinner with us, every so often," he said to Satsu. "It would be nice to have everyone home for dinner more often," added Mrs. Champa. "We hardly ever see her anymore." She smiled while she said it, though. "And we've already met those nice young men she knows."

"I'd be honored to come here anytime I'm invited, Ma'am." Satsu bowed with a pleasant smile, elated that this had gone better than she'd envisioned it.

"I've chattered long enough! Sit! Eat, before everything gets cold!" Mrs. Champa made vague shooing motions in everyone's direction.

Just to see the look on Dot's face, as they all began to sit down, Satsu waited until she knew nobody would see... and gave Dot about the sexiest, most smoldering 'I-Want-You-Bad' look she'd ever mustered.

Dot, for her part, managed not to blush, giggle, or squeak, and smiled sweetly instead. Dot parents, luckily, either didn't notice or chose not to comment.

Satsu then turned the charm back on, looking back to Dot's parents. "My parents are actually really excited about the visit. My mother won't shut up about it, and my father actually said about three full sentences, which for him is practically a monologue."

Dot stayed uncharacteristicly quiet during all of this, letting her parents and Satsu do the talking. Mrs. Champa smiled. "It's good to hear that they're so accepting of you. They sound like wonderful people."

"They are. My mom is a chatterbox who loves to hear me tell her about how different things are in America..." Satsu giggled then, thinking about it. "And my father... he's a good man, if not a little too 'Mister Miyagi' at times."

Mr. Champa chuckled. "You mean he puts you to work doing menial things and never explains why you're supposed to do them? I'm guilty of the same thing, except I call it 'pitching in around the house'. I know Sprout here would rather spend all day out in the yard, but we all know that's not work as far as she's concerned." He laughed and ruffled Dot's hair, and she smiled and rolled her eyes. "Father, I'm not six anymore!"

"Sprout?" Satsu repeated, but not in a mocking way. Ohhhh no. That was honestly THE single most adorable thing she'd ever heard. And the look of 'AWWWW' on her face made it clear that Dot would be hearing that name a LOT in the future. "So kawaii... I've been looking for a cute little name for her... mind if I steal it from you?"

Mr. Champa grinned. "Be our guest!" At the same time, Dot hid her face against the dining room table, resting her forehead on her crossed arms. "Every time I have someone over, the embarassing stories come out," she said, voice muffled.

"Oh, sweetie..." Satsu sighed, and leaned over to kiss her sweetly on the head. "Come on... it's a cute nickname, and you know when we get all wrapped up in cuteness you end up getting kisses. So hush up."

Dot smiled, but didn't lift her head. "I know, but as if my full name isn't squirm-inducing enough. Juice and Kyle laughed at that too. I'm just lucky they didn't get their hands on 'Sprout' too."

"Please. If they gave you a hard time about it, I'd kick their narrow butts." She said with a laugh, petting Dot's hair affectionately as she looked back to The Champas. "I have to say, I adore you guys so much... I was so afraid of this, and now I feel silly about it."

Mrs Champa smiled and reached across the table to pat Satsu's hand. "We like you too, dear. We were a little ...nervous, but Dorothy has always had good taste in friends. I know she was a little lonely when we first came out here, but she's met so many good people. Father and I aren't worried anymore. And, honestly, we are so proud of you. You're so far from home, and then everything you've been through..." She trailed off, still patting Satsu's hand.

"The attack. Yeah... it pretty much was the worst thing I've ever gone through..." But she smiled, and then held Dot's hand tightly. "But you know what? Your daughter stood by me through all of it... and I'll love her for all eternity for that."

Dot squeezed Satsu's hand, and blushed a little bit. She cleared her throat. "Can we have more family bonding after food, please?" She smiled sweetly.

"Anything you like, dear." Satsu said with a mixture of sincerity and sarcasm. "Of course, now my mother is using Dot as leverage to try and talk me into learning gardening again.. it's pretty much her passion almost as much as it's Dot's"

Dot beamed. "I'd be happy to give you a chance to get your hands dirty and plant some things too! It's really very relaxing," she said to Satsu.

"I know it's early, but we figured you should know ahead of time, just so you can get a few things..." Satsu laughed and shook her head. "My parents are getting you a realllllly nice camera for when we get out there. They said they wanted to make sure you have plenty of reminders of how beautiful our country is. So... you might wanna pick up some stuff, like a photo album, maybe some kind of stuff to take care of it..."

Dot squeaked. "I, um, I, uh, thanks! I've never had anything like a real camera before..." She ducked her head, trying not to meet anyone's eyes. "I wouldn't know the first thing about how to take care of one..."

Satsu felt a little embarrassed there herself. "My parents... they, um... they tend to go way overboard with EVERYTHING. They really do mean well though, they're not trying to buy your kinship or anything..."

Dot blushed. "Oh, I never thought that for a second. It's just such a nice gift!" She had seemingly forgotten all about food, surprisingly.

"Well..." Satsu just cleared her throat, smiling to Dot's parents again. "We should probably eat, before either of us gets any more embarrassed...."

Dot's parents had remained quiet throughout the whole exchange. They shared a smile between themselves over Dot's ducked and blushing head. Nodding to Satsu, Mr. Champa addressed the back of Dot's head. "You don't want to be rude to your guest, now do you? Come on, head up and let's eat, okay?"

After the meal was finished and the dishes cleared away, Dot and her parents kept Satsu entertained with a wide variety of stories until it was time for Satsu to head on home. Dot's mother insisted on sending the other girl home with leftovers, and a standing invitation to come back any time she liked.

"We Champas mate for life," Dot's father added, cheerfully. "You be careful out there, okay?" All three Champas (and an excitable Ellie) waved to Satsu as her ride carried her out of sight.
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