Ekaterina (Catherine) Nikolaevna Baclanova (russian_slayer) wrote in sunnydaleosi,
Ekaterina (Catherine) Nikolaevna Baclanova

Chill in the Air

Who:  Catherine OT Anyone
Where:  The Bronze
When:  Tuesday Evening

After her classes and training, Catherine just wanted to unwind. Tonight, she didn't have to share a patrol with anyone and, since Anna and the other girls more than likely had it covered, she decided that tonight would be a good night to visit the Bronze. She felt like she had been living like a monk lately, at least figuratively, and she wanted to get away from that a little. Maybe she could even convince Jason to give her a day off once in a while. She was only about a year or so away from being too old to be called as a Slayer and, with college on the horizon, she needed to look toward doing other things.

Of course, she might get called upon and become totally screwed in a future. As much as she didn't want to think like that, she prayed that she would never be called upon. She did her best to be a good potential and trained hard just in case, but she didn't want to be a Slayer. It wasn't a nice way to think of it, but being called upon as a Slayer meant getting an early death sentence, and she knew that she wasn't the only girl who thought that way. They just needed to keep Anna alive for at least another year (although she hoped that Anna personally lived to old age), and then she could be free.

She grabbed herself a seat at the bar and, after ordering herself a drink, she scanned the room to see if there was anyone in tonight that she knew. She didn't know what Jonathan or any of her friends were up to tonight, so any one of them could be in here tonight.
Tags: ben, catherine, location: the bronze

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