Dante Peters (dantehunter) wrote in sunnydaleosi,
Dante Peters

In Dreams ...

Who: Dante OT Emil
Where: Sunnydale High
When: Friday, during lunch

She had finally remembered where Emil worked and slipped out of the OSI house. At the moment, she didn't care if they sent someone after her, Dante was tired of being watched all the time, poked and prodded. In all honesty, the hunter was starting to think that this ... OSI didn't care about Dante, just what she was going to do. Then again, from what she'd heard there seemed to be more pressing concerns at the top of their list than one young woman, possessed by some demon.

At any rate, Dante wanted a reprieve and headed for Sunnydale high school. It appeared to be lunch time from the hunter's observation of students milling around, lunch sacks and trays of food in hand. Her stomach confirmed it when she entered the building, smelling the cafeteria.

The hunter was a little shady on just what department Emil worked in, so a stop at the office got her directions. Upon arriving to the classroom, it looked like Emil was busy talking to a few students so Dante waited outside, taking a seat on a nearby bench. Curling up a bit, she dropped her head onto her knees, resting her eyes.

Tags: dante, emil

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