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Who: Trevor OT Gideon
Where: USC Sunnydale Campus
When: Thursday Afternoon

Earlier that week, Trevor McNaulty finalized the plans for the beginnings of The Future Role Models Of America College mentoring program. It was funded by Wolfram and Hart- his employers, and it provided scholarships and mentoring to 'promising' college students.

His student would be Gideon Thrace, a promising track star who appeared to need some guidance. He remembered Gideon from... the incident. It was the first time that things spiraled out of control. Trevor was much more stable now.

His time with Wolfram and Hart taught him many things, including how to handle this particular case. Guidance, scholarship money, and the support of Wolfram and Hart would allow this first 'Student' to excel. Wolfram and Hart was really working hard at improving its community image.

He waited for Gideon in his office, almost certain he wouldn't be recognized. He was clean shaven, and his hair was neatly groomed. The man Gideon had seen long ago was bearded, with a mane of unruly hair.
Tags: gideon, location: ucsd campus, plot: wolfram and hart
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