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Give me fire on which I feed

Who: Katherine OT night stalkers
Where: Streets of Sunnydale
When: Tuesday night

Hammerfall Investigations. The irony of the title was not lost on her... in fact, it made her remember why she'd come here in the first place, what unfinished business she had to take care of. Katherine's eyes narrowed, eyeing the sign. Someone had done very well for himself in her absence -- very well indeed, pretending like it was his business to poke into the private lives of others. A dangerous man, and one that she hadn't remembered just how much she'd grown to loathe until that moment.

As she glared, the sign began to smoulder, then burn, wisps of dark magic hissing from it and spreading across the face of the building. Tomorrow was an important day, and this time she would make absolutely certain that there would be no interference. Tomorrow was important... and tonight, there would be fire. She turned and walked away, pulling her jacket close around her as the building burned behind her.
Tags: location: hammerfall investigations, npcs, plot: mommy dangerous

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