Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (wes_the_watcher) wrote in sunnydaleosi,
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce

Coffee...Need Coffee

Who: Wesley OT Anyone
When: Wednesday Afternoon
Where: The Espresso Pump

Wesley decided to stop by the Espresso Pump for a coffee after he finished teaching school for the day. Sure, he had grown to really like the job and, maybe if his life had been different, he might have wanted it to be his only job, but sometimes the kids in the school were tiring. Plus, since it wasn't his only job, he had to get more energy somehow.

Gwen liked to make jokes from time to time that England might have to revoke his British license because he drank more coffee than tea these days. While that wasn't quite accurate, he refused to drink tea from any establishment around this area (he could make his own much better, thank you very much), so coffee it was. He got his coffee from the coffee server or whatever the girl was called and sat down at a table. He didn't have too long before he had to leave, but at least he had enough to time actually sit and drink instead of having to try and finish it in his car.
Tags: carly, location: the espresso pump, wesley

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