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The aftermath of overconfidence

Who: Lizzie, Warren, ot anyone who would come visit
Where: Sunnydale General hospital
When: the day after this incident

Lizzie couldn't believe what happen. Warren, her Warren who always planned things out so carefully, rushing headlong into danger and getting nearly killed as a result. She didn't know what he was thinking, going off like that, without calling any of his friends for backup. Today she sat by his bedside, smoothing the hair back from his face as he slept. They had him hooked up to machines and monitors, and a morphine drip, so he was doing a lot of sleeping.

She supposed that was good - it would help him heal. Earlier while he rested, she'd slipped out of the room briefly to make some phonecalls to Jon, Andrew, Maya, and Gwen letting them know what had happened. She hoped that they'd come in to see Warren sometime today. She'd also called Katie, and Clive to ask what had happened after her and Warren had left the scene. Lastly she'd called cousin Kit, thanking him for bringing them to the hospital - and telling him she had to go when he started discussing the plot of the television show he was watching.

Since then, she'd been sitting by Warren's side, waiting for him to wake up. "I was so worried about you," she whispered. "I don't know why you were out there all by yourself like that..."
Tags: clive, gwen, lizzie, location: sunnydale general hospital, plot: wolfram and hart, warren

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