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Where: Sid's Diner, then the alley near Willy's Alibi Room
When: Saturday night
Who: Faith, Katherine, Zack, Lizzie, Nica, Katie, Tina, Maya, Warren, and a bullish demon

[Faith] *is chilling at the corner booth, post-patrol, with a burger and a shake*

[woman] ::a lady in jeans, a black t-shirt, and a leather jacket, is eating a foot-long and wrinkling her nose slightly::

[Zack] ... everything okay with your dog?

[woman] Yes, it's fine... there's just this weird... fiery smell. Like brimstone. Does something smell like brimstone to you?

(Lizzie) *walks in to Sid's, looking around cheerfully before heading for a booth*

[Katie] ::scuttles into the Sid's, as she's really craving a hot chocolate right about now::

[Zack] *sniffs* No ... sorry.

[woman] Hm. Must just be me. ::rubs her head a moment, and takes another bite::

[Nica] *is holding down a booth, with her sketch pad*

[Katie] ::heads for the Nica:: Hey... can I sit here?

[Nica] Sure, sweetie, be my guest. How're you?

[Katie] I'm doing good, how're you? Is everything ... well, sorta normal?

[Katie] ::waves to Lizzie::

(Lizzie) Hey Katie- how are you?

[Katie] Good, good. How're you and the weirdguy?

[Nica] Relatively speaking, yeah. Aside from the usual weird, I guess. *chuckles*

(Lizzie) Well... I thought we were okay.

(Lizzie) *frowns* But we were supposed to hang out tonight, and he hasn't called and I can't get ahold of him.

Tina walked in, and headed for Katie and company.

[Nica] What weird guy? *notices the Tina and waves*

[Katie] She dates this weird guy who checks out the girls a lot, and who wears sunglasses indoors a lot. ::beams and waves to Tina::

[Nica] Doesn't sound that weird. Human?

[Katie] I think so.

[Tina] *waves* Hi.

(Lizzie) Warren.

[Tina] What about him?

[Tina] *has a seat next to Katie, because she can!*

(Lizzie) He was supposed to meet me for dinner, but he's not picking up his phone and I have no idea what's up.

[Katie] And he's weird. Or at least I think so. ::scoots to give Tina room::

(Lizzie) Well, if he doesn't show up soon I suppose I'll go check up on things at his place...

[Katie] And hit him with things?

(Lizzie) Maybe. *sigh* I don't know. This isn't like him, but lately he's just been...

[Tina] Does he do this a lot?

(Lizzie) No. This isn't like him at all, that's why I'm worried. For all that he's got this outwardly sleazy side at times - he's really a very sweet guy. He's never stood me up before.

[Katie] Are you sure he doesn't have another girlfriend?

[Tina] This is Sunnydale... maybe we should look for him?

(Lizzie) *frowns* ... yeah, I really want to go look for him. I mean, i'd be really upset if he had another girlfriend- but I'd really much rather it be that than he's lying dead somewhere.

(Lizzie) *gets up to head for the door*

[Tina] Wait, I'll help.

[Nica] Um ... yeah, same here.

[Nica] *packs up her suff*

[Katie] ... me too. ::wishes she'd had the presence of mind to order food first, but hey.::

(Lizzie) Thank you... *frets, and fishes out the phone to try Warren's number again*

[Warren's phone] ::responds with... an answering machine message. Well, balls.::

(Lizzie) Warren.. it's Lizzie. Pick up, please. I'm worried.

[No answer.]

(Lizzie) He's still not answering. Let me try the shop again... does anyone have a car?

(Lizzie) *dials the number for the lair*

[Katie] I do ... mine just got fixed.

[lair answering machine (Warren's voice)] "Hi, you've reached Samus's Game Corner. Our business hours are between the hours of 12pm to 8pm Monday through Friday, except by special invitation. If you are calling to arrange an appointment, please leave your name, number, and purpose and one of our ninjas will find you shortly."

(Lizzie) Warren? Jon? Andrew? Maya? Hello... anyone there?

[Maya] ::does answer, since she's there, though her mun isn't:: Hello!

(Lizzie) Maya... thank goodness. Do you know where Warren is?

[Maya] Glorious Warren isn't here right now. He left about three hours ago after checking his mail.

(Lizzie) Do you know where he was heading?

[Maya] No, but he seemed awfully excited about the letter he got.

(Lizzie) ...what was the letter about?

[Maya] I don't know. He said it was from... ::Warren voice:: "Get this. "Thank you very much for all that you do to help protect people like me from the horrible things that this town has to offer. I look forward to your continued efforts. Signed, a concerned citizen. Doesn't that just beat all?"

[Maya] And then he got on his superhero gear and went out.

(Lizzie) He put his superhero gear on - and he's been gone three hours? Oh dear. Maya, do you have a way of locating him?

[Maya] Of course. But he said he'll be just fine.

(Lizzie) I want to find him though. Can you please locate him for me? I have some friends with me - we want to go find him.

[Maya] Okay! He's currently... ::brief pause:: Located near Willy's Bar, just off the corner of Sunrise and 13th Street.

(Lizzie) Thank you! *hangs up, and looks to the gang* He's near Willy's - just off the corner of Sunrise and 13th - and he might be doing something dangerous, so please let's hurry

[Nica] Nice part of town. I got a car ...

[Tina] I don't like Willy's. *frowns, and starts to head out*

[Faith] *has been lurking* Need a hand?

[Katie] ... it's sort of scary there.

(Lizzie) Yes, please, all the hands we can get...

[Faith] Wicked. *heads along with the posse*

[Katie] ::scuttles along:: So whose car are we taking?

[Clive] *pulls up outside and climbs out of the car, muttering* Oh, look. I arrived just in time. I'm the goddamn Spiderman.

(Lizzie) Yours?

(Lizzie) Or his.. *points at Clive*

[Clive] Hey! Bothwell! I hear you kids are going on a field trip.

[Nica] *eyeroll*

[Katie] Who's that?

[Tina] How did you hear that?

[Clive] A little bird told me.

[Clive] He also told me that someone's still eligable for a spanking for not calling. beats the fuck out me what that means. Heh.

[Faith] Yeah, this is costing us time. Whose car?

(Lizzie) *groans* Cousin Kit....

[Clive] I can take a few of you. Just climb on in, already.

(Lizzie) *heads for the Clivemobile* Hurry up, come on...

[Tina] I don't think he has room for all of us. *follows just in case*

[Clive] I can take another two if they're friendly. C'mon.

[Katie] ::follows along, bemused::

[Faith] *gets in*

(Lizzie) *frets* Drive fast.

[Clive] Just hang on. *drives fast, obligingly*

[Katie] ::clings to Tina::

[Tina] We'll be fine.

[Clive] *pulls up outside Willy's a very short time later* last stop. See, record time.

[Warren isn't anywhere in sight, although his motorcycle is.]

[Faith] Great. *gets out, gets a look around*

[Tina] He's got to be nearby.

[A few dumpsters look disturbed nearby, though - like something crashed into them, hard.]

[Clive] *locking the doors once everyone's out* Want me to have a look inside?

(Lizzie) *gets out quickly and looks at the dumpsters* Oh no...

(Lizzie) There's his cycle.

[Tina] Cycle?


(my brain wasn't woking momentarily)

[Katie] ::peers around, warily::

(Lizzie) *heads over towards the dumpsters to check for signs of blood and or body*

[Doesn't look like there's any corpses in the dumpster, though there are a few bloodstains on the dumpster, and leading up the wall.]

[Clive] *frowns at the damaged dumpsters, then goes to take a closer look as well*

(Lizzie) *looks up the wall, worried - does it look like human blood?*

[Kinda, yeah. It's certainly red enough.]

[Faith] *follows the trail up the side of the building with her eyes* ... okay, that's not a good sign. *checks for climbability of the wall, anything that might get her to the top*

(Lizzie) Warren! Oh god...

[It does look climbable, especially if you were to stand on the dumpster first - there's a railing at the top you could probably grab.]

[Tina] *makes sure Katie is near her!*

[Clive] Normally I'd let the ladies go first, but..fuck chivalry. That cool?

[Faith] *starts up* Yeah, whatever.

(Lizzie) *starts climbing up after her*

[Clive] Don't think I've forgotten that little trick with the wig, sister. *climbs up too*

[Katie] ::is staying DAMN close to Tina::

[Faith] *scrambles up onto the roof, ready for anything, except maybe clowns ... because, seriously ... what the fuck ... clowns?*

[Tina] *wonders if she can try the magic tracing thing with blood*

[Warren] ::yes, perhaps predictably, IS on the roof. he's not moving, he's bleeding badly, he's been -stabbed- with a taser, and he'd probably not be too happy if he were conscious and not just slowly bleeding to death. ouch.::

(Lizzie) Oh god.... *follows Faith, and hurries over to him*

[Faith] ... holy shit.

[Tina] *looks up, and realizes they found him*

[Warren] ::would probably appreciate the fact that his body armor did work well enough not to let him get killed, if he were communicative, but hey. There doesn't look to be anyone else up here, fortunately.::

[Clive] ..fuck me. *leans over the side of the building* Hey! Keep an eye out down there, okay? I don't want company to sneak up on us!

(Lizzie) Oh god, Warren, please don't die... *tries to remember what she's learned about first aid, and stopping bleeding*

[Katie] ::calls up:: We are... ::peers around::

[Faith] *gets a look around for anything that may need an ass-kicking*

[Speaking of 'company' and 'sneaking up... hey, groundguys? A rather large shadow is coming around the corner of the alley.]

[Tina] Shadow approaching...

[Clive] Good to hear. Keep it up! *digs a phone out of his pocket. Thank God for making a little more than a regular TA...*

(Lizzie) *is too involved with trying to stop the bleeding of a Warren up on the roof to notice things down below*

[The shadow belongs to a demon that was probably somewhat better-looking before something exploded in its face. As it is, its face is split open, its horns are cracked, and it generally looks like a bull after slamming facefirst into a barrel of glass. Only crankier.]

[demon] ::notes a Tina and a Katie, and starts stomping thataway, growling... is having a bad night, and wants to hear some beautiful screaming to make him feel better. aww.::

[Clive] *punching in Kit's number* Aw, fuck....

[Tina] *tries to stop him with magic*

[demon] ::is a pretty big guy -- so he can't be halted, but he can certainly be slowed to a near-crawl, at least while Tina's magic holds out.::

[demon] ::does not get any calmer based on this information that a strange woman is pointing at him and slowing his rate of speed to one foot per two to five seconds, and utters something in an unfamiliar language that is hopefully merely an obscenity instead of an incantation.::

[Tina] *slows as long as she can!*

(Kit) *after about the sixth ring* Yo?

[Warren] ::is still unconscious, but at least is less overtly bleeding on things.::

[Clive] Get down to Willy's NOW. There's a pissed-off demon and we've got wounded. Rustle 'em out of bed, but c'mon down.

[Faith] This is a shitty night. *Scrambles back down to let the beating commence*

(Lizzie) *is still tending to the Warren, and just stays up there on the defensive in case anything comes up*

(Kit) Christ, can't you handle things on your own? If I'd wanted to go I would have. *sigh*

[Clive] You're the magic guy. Quit your bitching and get down here already!

(Kit) Is my cousin in immediate danger?

[demon] ::eyes a woman coming down, and attempts to lunge sideways away from direct confrontation with magic, and towards direct confrontation with those thick fists he has aimed towards her skull::

(Kit) Because I can just call Michael in. I'm watching Law and Order here.

[Nica] *is keeping a safe distance, and fighting a strong urge to run the hell away*

[Tina] *tries to push him away if she can...*

Clive] *has been walking across the roof at a fast trot while this conversation was happening* Here, talk to your cousin, and be reassuring, she needs to know we're not going to let shit get too ugly. Oh, for fuck's, sake, Kit. *hands Lizzie the phone*

[Faith] *drops below the fists and aims a hard kick at the demon's kneecap or equivalent*

[demon] ::gets pushed -- which means he hits a wall instead of Faith, and she hits air instead of a demon::

(Lizzie) Cousin Kit... oh god, you have to come and get Warren. He needs to go to hospital... he's pretty bad.

(Kit) Oh fuck's sakes- is he going to die within the next... say, twenty minutes or so? Well, eighteen if you count the big commerical at the end...

[Clive] *is now heading back towards the ladder and the fighting*

[demon] ::snarls and rises to his feet ... seriously looking like a bull, right down to preparing to set himself for a charge, shaking his head as if to rattle whatever golf ball sized brain he has back into position.::

([Kit] ::determines the value of human life as relative to how good this week's episode of Law and Order is.::)

(Lizzie) Perhaps! And if he does I shall never forgive you.

([Kit] ... okay, this is romantic subtext, screw this.)

[TIna] *to Katie and Nica* Get out of here!

(Kit) Oh geeze, come on - that's no way to run a courtroom! Alright, alright... just a sec....

[Faith] *grins and darts away from the others* That's right, big boy ... come and get me.

[Nica] *dosn't need to be told twice*

[Clive] *looks around for something suitably wicked to bang on the demon with*

(Kit) *appears - on the roof, remote in hand* Commerical, no time for talk - hang on to the bleeder...

(Lizzie) *grabs hold of Warren*

[Katie] ::agrees entirely, and runs off after Nica. She has a phone, after all::

(Kit) *grabs Lizzie and presses the remote like he's changing the channel - then zots off with the two of them, disappearing from the rooftop. He's helping!*

[demon] ::obligingly charges after Faith like... well, like a bull chasing down a matador. Now if only you had a bunch of skinny guys throwing spears...::

[Tina] *tries more magic, so she can help Faith out*

[Clive] *is skinny-esque, but has improvised throwing sticks at least*

[Faith] *lets the demon get close ... then drops into a compact ball on the pavement, hoping he'll either trip or run past her*

[demon] ::charges... and gets tripped by Tina, going right past Faith and into a wall. CRUNCH.::

[demon] ::is stunned, and taking a few to recover.::

[Faith] *attempts to stick a knife in something vital*

[demon] ::gets stabbed, and makes a roundhouse swipe at Faith... his accuracy is terrible, perhaps because he's now bleeding out.::

[Clive] *is careful not to hit Faith with anything, but concentrates on pelting the demon with whatever he can find, since most of his weaponry is still out of reach*

[Faith] *takes a glancing blow, stabs again, yelling something incoherent*

[demon] ::eventually goes down, after some serious beatage, leaking black ichor all over the place. Eeeeew.::

[Tina] ...Are both of you okay?

[Clive] I'm fine. I hadn't planned on a war, so most of the really good stuff is still back at my place. "Keep an eye on 'em" was the extent of what I heard.

[Faith] *is smeared with foul-smeling black sludge* Yeah, never better. *collapses to a sitting position on the ground*

[TIna] Don't you have to call someone about that? I told Katie and Nica to run because I don't want anything to happen to Katie

[Faith] *to Clive* You guys have a cleanup crew, right?

[Clive] Lizzie has my phone. Kit showed up and took her and your friend away. They'll be fine. I do need to go inside really quick. There's a call I need to make, you're right. *tosses the keys to Tina* Wait for me in the car, okay?

[Tina] *catches, and nods*

[Clive] *ducks inside Willy's to call Tony*

[Faith] *wipes off her knife and stashes it, then eyes the goop on her hands and clothes, and laughs* And I was just thinking this morning, I needed to make a trip to the laundromat.

[Tina] I need to make sure Katie is okay... and Nica. *heads for the car, looking for the two of them as she heads that way*

[Katie] ::ran like hell as ordered, hehe::

[Nica] *is shivering* Is it gone?

[TIna] Where's Katie?

[Nica] ... umm ... *looks around*

[Katie] ::didn't stick around. Damn her!::

[TIna] Clive said to get in the car. I'm going to find Katie. *tosses the keys to Nica, and goes to find her girlfriend*

[Clive] *has Tony's number memorized, luckily, and calls it*

[Tony] ::answers after two rings:: Yes?

[Katie] ::is visible jogging up the street in the distance.::

[Tina] KATIE!

[Katie] ::slams on the brakes and turns, peering back::

[Nica] *catches keys, gets into the car ... turns on the radio*

[Clive] Sorry to wake you. We need a cleanup on Aisle Six. Tall, dark, bull-shaped.

[Tina] *waves, and heads towards* THEY GOT IT!

[Tony] Address?

[Clive] The alley behind Willy's.

[Tony] I'll have a team out there in ten minutes. Anything else?

[Clive] Not that i can see. Looks like it was working alone. Someone softened it up for us first, but took his lumps in return. Bothwell's got that angle covered, though.

[Tony] Got it. I'll have some people out there shortly.

[Clive] Need me to stick around? There's a bunch of kids and I'd like to get them out of here.

[Tony] That won't be necessary, as long as the subject isn't going anywhere.

[Clive] Doesn't look like it. Okay then, I'll clear on out of here. Thanks again. *clicks off*

[Clive] *heads on back outside, peering around to make sure everyone made it back*

[Katie] ::starts jogging back::

[Katie] Sorry...

[Faith] *has shuffled back to the car*

[Tina] It's okay. I want you to be safe.

[Clive] *does not see all the kids he came here with*

[Katie] Me too. So...

[Tina] Clive wants us to get in the car.

[Katie] Okay. ::scuttles thataway::

[Clive] Yeah. Don't worry about the mess, I've made arrangements for that. C'mon. *gets in*

[Faith] *gets in, trying not to ooze on anybody*

[Katie] ::eyes Faith, but doesn't say anything because it'd be rude and because there's a very good reason for her to be oozy::

{Clive] Hang on just a second..well, no towels, sorry. i thought I had one in here. Anyway, everyone ready?

[Nica] Uh huh.

[Katie] ::wonders why he'd have a towel in his car::

[Clive] *casually turns the radio off, then heads out*

[Katie], what happened? ::finally has to ask::

[Tina] Faith and Clive beat up the monster

[Faith] The demon died.

[Katie] Oh. Kay.

[Clive] Messy, but you probably guessed that part.

[Faith] As for what happened before we showed up, I guess we'll have to get that story from Warren.

[Clive] I'm sure he's gonna be fine. Kit took him away with Lizzie. If she doesn't keep you posted, I'll do what I can to keep you all updated, okay?

[Katie] Okay...

[Tina] Ok.

[Faith] *is too tired to reply*

[Clive] So, if I let you off at your car, you'll be okay from there?

[Tina] Yeah. Katie needs to get to her car so she can get home safely

[Clive] No problem. *nudges Faith* Hey, you want me to drop you off somewhere, or are you gonna head out with them?

[Katie] Thank you.

[Faith] Just drop me at the Downtowner. Thanks.

{Clive] Okay. Well, here's stop one. *stops the car and gets out to open a door for Tina and Katie*

[Katie] ::gets on out, and hugs Tina::

[Clive] Be careful, okay?

[Katie] We will, we promise.

[Clive] Good to hear. I'll probably see you around.

[Faith] *waves*

[Katie] ::to Tina:: So want me to drive you back to the club?

[Clive] *waves and climbs back into the car, then heads off to drop off Faith*

[Tina] Yes.

[Katie] Alright... ::heads for her car - which has a door and roof of a different color::

[Tina] *follows*

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