Guess who's coming to dinner!

Who: Dot/Satsu
Where: Casa De Champa
When: Monday Night

Satsu was pacing back and forth. For once? She was nervous as hell. Dot was taking her to meet her family today, and the thought of possibly being judged not good enough terrified her. Dressed in a stunning blue gown (which said volumes for how badly she wanted to impress the Champas) and with her hair done up like some kind of princess, Satsu stood at the doorstep of Dot's house, finally getting up the courage to knock.
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Chill in the Air

Who:  Catherine OT Anyone
Where:  The Bronze
When:  Tuesday Evening

After her classes and training, Catherine just wanted to unwind. Tonight, she didn't have to share a patrol with anyone and, since Anna and the other girls more than likely had it covered, she decided that tonight would be a good night to visit the Bronze. She felt like she had been living like a monk lately, at least figuratively, and she wanted to get away from that a little. Maybe she could even convince Jason to give her a day off once in a while. She was only about a year or so away from being too old to be called as a Slayer and, with college on the horizon, she needed to look toward doing other things.

Of course, she might get called upon and become totally screwed in a future. As much as she didn't want to think like that, she prayed that she would never be called upon. She did her best to be a good potential and trained hard just in case, but she didn't want to be a Slayer. It wasn't a nice way to think of it, but being called upon as a Slayer meant getting an early death sentence, and she knew that she wasn't the only girl who thought that way. They just needed to keep Anna alive for at least another year (although she hoped that Anna personally lived to old age), and then she could be free.

She grabbed herself a seat at the bar and, after ordering herself a drink, she scanned the room to see if there was anyone in tonight that she knew. She didn't know what Jonathan or any of her friends were up to tonight, so any one of them could be in here tonight.

In Dreams ...

Who: Dante OT Emil
Where: Sunnydale High
When: Friday, during lunch

She had finally remembered where Emil worked and slipped out of the OSI house. At the moment, she didn't care if they sent someone after her, Dante was tired of being watched all the time, poked and prodded. In all honesty, the hunter was starting to think that this ... OSI didn't care about Dante, just what she was going to do. Then again, from what she'd heard there seemed to be more pressing concerns at the top of their list than one young woman, possessed by some demon.

At any rate, Dante wanted a reprieve and headed for Sunnydale high school. It appeared to be lunch time from the hunter's observation of students milling around, lunch sacks and trays of food in hand. Her stomach confirmed it when she entered the building, smelling the cafeteria.

The hunter was a little shady on just what department Emil worked in, so a stop at the office got her directions. Upon arriving to the classroom, it looked like Emil was busy talking to a few students so Dante waited outside, taking a seat on a nearby bench. Curling up a bit, she dropped her head onto her knees, resting her eyes.


Who: Trevor OT Gideon
Where: USC Sunnydale Campus
When: Thursday Afternoon

Earlier that week, Trevor McNaulty finalized the plans for the beginnings of The Future Role Models Of America College mentoring program. It was funded by Wolfram and Hart- his employers, and it provided scholarships and mentoring to 'promising' college students.

His student would be Gideon Thrace, a promising track star who appeared to need some guidance. He remembered Gideon from... the incident. It was the first time that things spiraled out of control. Trevor was much more stable now.

His time with Wolfram and Hart taught him many things, including how to handle this particular case. Guidance, scholarship money, and the support of Wolfram and Hart would allow this first 'Student' to excel. Wolfram and Hart was really working hard at improving its community image.

He waited for Gideon in his office, almost certain he wouldn't be recognized. He was clean shaven, and his hair was neatly groomed. The man Gideon had seen long ago was bearded, with a mane of unruly hair.

Give me fire on which I feed

Who: Katherine OT night stalkers
Where: Streets of Sunnydale
When: Tuesday night

Hammerfall Investigations. The irony of the title was not lost on her... in fact, it made her remember why she'd come here in the first place, what unfinished business she had to take care of. Katherine's eyes narrowed, eyeing the sign. Someone had done very well for himself in her absence -- very well indeed, pretending like it was his business to poke into the private lives of others. A dangerous man, and one that she hadn't remembered just how much she'd grown to loathe until that moment.

As she glared, the sign began to smoulder, then burn, wisps of dark magic hissing from it and spreading across the face of the building. Tomorrow was an important day, and this time she would make absolutely certain that there would be no interference. Tomorrow was important... and tonight, there would be fire. She turned and walked away, pulling her jacket close around her as the building burned behind her.

Celebrate good times

Who: Michael OT anyone, particularly party guests
Where: The Sunset Club
When: Wednesday afternoon

The club was closed for business tonight, because Michael was celebrating his birthday... and frankly, didn't want to be dealing with crazy idiots or other wackiness in the process. He was on edge enough as it was, and he was supposed to be the one relaxing. Instead, he was pacing, on edge and expecting the worst. Sunnydale had a funny day of ruining happy moments, after all.
Wesley 01

Coffee...Need Coffee

Who: Wesley OT Anyone
When: Wednesday Afternoon
Where: The Espresso Pump

Wesley decided to stop by the Espresso Pump for a coffee after he finished teaching school for the day. Sure, he had grown to really like the job and, maybe if his life had been different, he might have wanted it to be his only job, but sometimes the kids in the school were tiring. Plus, since it wasn't his only job, he had to get more energy somehow.

Gwen liked to make jokes from time to time that England might have to revoke his British license because he drank more coffee than tea these days. While that wasn't quite accurate, he refused to drink tea from any establishment around this area (he could make his own much better, thank you very much), so coffee it was. He got his coffee from the coffee server or whatever the girl was called and sat down at a table. He didn't have too long before he had to leave, but at least he had enough to time actually sit and drink instead of having to try and finish it in his car.

The aftermath of overconfidence

Who: Lizzie, Warren, ot anyone who would come visit
Where: Sunnydale General hospital
When: the day after this incident

Lizzie couldn't believe what happen. Warren, her Warren who always planned things out so carefully, rushing headlong into danger and getting nearly killed as a result. She didn't know what he was thinking, going off like that, without calling any of his friends for backup. Today she sat by his bedside, smoothing the hair back from his face as he slept. They had him hooked up to machines and monitors, and a morphine drip, so he was doing a lot of sleeping.

She supposed that was good - it would help him heal. Earlier while he rested, she'd slipped out of the room briefly to make some phonecalls to Jon, Andrew, Maya, and Gwen letting them know what had happened. She hoped that they'd come in to see Warren sometime today. She'd also called Katie, and Clive to ask what had happened after her and Warren had left the scene. Lastly she'd called cousin Kit, thanking him for bringing them to the hospital - and telling him she had to go when he started discussing the plot of the television show he was watching.

Since then, she'd been sitting by Warren's side, waiting for him to wake up. "I was so worried about you," she whispered. "I don't know why you were out there all by yourself like that..."